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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A New tool for Global Cancer Leaders

The American Cancer Society, International Agency for Cancer Research, and the Union for International Cancer Control have developed a tool for all who are related to cancer prevention, research and advocacy.
This tool contains vital demographic cancer information.

More than 60 cancer experts from six different continents analyzed the most up-to-date cancer data available to assess global and regional cancer trends and gather national-level insights. Demographic cancer patterns have carefully analyzed and assessed.

The global cancer burden has changed drastically, in some continents and regions some sort of cancers have increased and others have decreased due to meaningful steps taken at policy level and community level.

The experts who have assessed the data and authored the atlas, have concluded that there are certain steps that can be taken at policy level to tackle certain cancer burden at different regions and continents. Example, they have highlighted that countries like US has reduced cervical cancer rate through pap smear test.  

This tool has outlined public interventions and preventive measures that government can take to tackle and reduce number of cancer deaths in different regions. 


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