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Monday, July 21, 2014

Tumor suppressor genes - Natural Anti Cancer Agents

Tumor suppressor genes are normal genes that slow down cell division, repair and DNA mistakes, and tell when to die ( it is also called programmed cell death or apoptosis )when these genes don’t work properly concerned cells can lead cancer.

Types of tumor suppressor genes

Name of the gene                                 Related cancer
BRCA 1, BRCA 2                         Breast and Ovaian cancer
BRC-Abl                                       Chronic myelogenous leukemia
BCI2                                             B Cell lymphoma
HER2                                            Breast cancer and Ovarian cancer
N-myc                                           Neuroblastoma
Ews                                               Ewing tumor
C-myc                                           Burkitt’s lymphoma
P53                                               Brain tumor, Skin Cancer, Lung cancer, head and neck cancer
MCHI , msH2                               Colorectal cancer
APC                                             Colorectal Cancer

Rb gene

Tumor suppressor genes
The Rb gene is well know tumor suppressor gene located at 13 q14.11 and is detect at the germ line in one half of chromosome the child inherits in familial neuroblastoma. Afterward it was found that a part from retinoblastoma homogenous loss of this gene was fiarely common in osteosarcoma, pineal, supraseller, paraseller intracranial retinoblastoma. of the from retinoblastoma

TP 53 Gene

Is the most commonly muted gene in human cancer. It is also known as guardian of the gene. TPm53 protein is released from MDM2 and its half life is increased. This gene is deleted or mutated in 70% to 80% of cases of colorectal cancer and frequently in breast cancer, small cell carcinoma of the lung, hepatocellular carcinoma and numerous other tumors. Mutation of TP 53 is the most common genetic change in human cancer.

WT-1 Gene

This is located at 11p13. Deletion of this gene is associated with Wilm’s tumor.

BRCA and BRCA 2 Gene

The breast cancer genes are susceptibility genes, which are also incriminated in some ovarian cancers, are tumor suppressors that are thought to be involved in check point functions of the cell cycle in response to DNA damage. 


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