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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Breast cancer treatment menu that every breast cancer patient must refer

Avastin as targeted breast cancer treatment Along with the advancement of medicine and health care industry, today, breast cancer treatment also has advanced and various breast cancer treatment options are available according to the choice and condition of the patient. This advancement bought a new hope for the patients and life expectancy of the patient is increased. The menu of breast cancer treatment includes

Surgery as a breast cancer treatment

Surgery of breast is the first line breast cancer treatment for breast cancer patients as soon as breast cancer diagnosis. Basically surgery involves removal of lump or tumor. During the surgery doctors check lymph nodes in order to see whether the cancer has spread the lymph under the arm. Breast cancer has two major types: Breast conserving surgery and Mastectomy

Breast conserving surgery

Breast conserving surgery is also known as partial mastectomy, it Involves removal of affected areas of the breast. The size of the removal depends on the size of the tumor and affected area.


Mastectomy involves removal whole breast including the surrounding tissues which has affected with cancer. During the surgery the skin is left for reconstruction of the breast.

Radiation therapy as breast cancer treatment

Radiation therapy for breast cancer
Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is a very effective breast cancer treatment, given to kill the cancer cells which are left during a mastectomy or after breast surgery. Radiation therapy uses high-powered beams of energy. According to researchers’ radiation therapy reduces the breast cancer recurrence for 70%, radiation therapist decided the dosage to be given according to the patient’s condition.

Chemotherapy as breast cancer treatment

Chemotherapy, is also a very common breast cancer treatment. During chemotherapy, medicine is used to weaken the cancer cells and its growth in the body, including the cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body. Usually chemotherapy is given after breast surgery to kills the remnants of breast cancer cells and advanced stage of breast cancer that have spread to other parts of the body. The side effects of chemotherapy very high compare to other form of breast cancer treatments. Chemotherapy dosage depends on the severity and condition of the patient.

Hormonal therapy as breast cancer treatment

Hormonal therapy is a very effective breast cancer treatment. Hormonal therapy or hormone blocking therapy is used to treat breast cancer cells which are sensitive to hormone. Breast cancer, which respond to hormone are labeled as estrogen receptor positive (ER positive) and progesterone receptor positive (PR positive) cancers. Hormonal treatment is used to decrease the chances of breast cancer recurrence. There are numerous types of hormonal therapy medicine used for breast cancer including, aromatase inhibitors, selective estrogen receptor modulators, and estrogen receptor downregulators. People misinterpret that hormonal therapy is also a hormone replacement therapy, but breast cancer has no relation with the hormone replacement therapy and it is not even used as a treatment of breast cancer.

Targeted Therapy as breast cancer treatment

Targeted therapies are certain medicine given to kill and inhibit the targeted cancer cells. Targeted medicines are antibodies that work like as natural cells that are made in our immune system. There are various drugs used as a targeted treatment including, Herceptin, Tykerb, Avastin, Perjeta, Afinitor, Kadcyla etc. The dosage and course depend on the condition of the patient and it is decided by the oncologist. Targeted treatment is the most expensive breast cancer treatment of choice.

We assume that  this menu of breast cancer treatment would have given something to the readers; our main goal is to provide fundamental knowledge on breast cancer treatment. 


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