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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cancer Myths: Debunk the Myths

cancer myths
Every year we get a chance to raise our voice globally to aware the world about the cancer. We get media attention to advocate and stress on cancer related issues to draw the attention of global leaders. We get chances to clarify the myths about cancer to international community through various channels. If we make use of these opportunities, there are high chances that we can bridge the gap between what is known about cancer and its reality, the facts and the myths.

So, basically in this article I would like to stress on cancer myths. There are numerous myths about cancer people believing across the different corners of the world. Among those myths, we have selected four myths that world cancer society has selected and addressed today.

Cancer myth 1: We don’t need to talk about cancer

The truth is, talking about the cancer elevate the level of cancer awareness. Cancer diagnosis is a life changing event usually evoking fear, shocking, anger, sadness and anxiety. Talking about cancer with family members, partners, friends and colleagues helps to compromise and lighten these feelings in the event of cancer diagnosis.

In some communities, talking about cancer is taboo and people diagnosed with cancer are discriminated which prevent them talking about their condition and feelings, the ultimate result is, creating a favorable environment to spread the words becomes a big issue at community level.

Cancer myth 2: There are no signs and symptoms of cancer

The truth is, there are several early warning signs and symptoms of cancer which are very obvious in some form of cancer like breast cancer, cervical, skin, oral and colorectal cancers, etc. debunking the myths is the first step to aware the community about the signs and symptoms of cancer which highly obvious in some types of cancer. Taking about signs and symptoms of cancer is very relevant in communities where there is less facility in detecting and diagnosing cancer.

Cancer myth 3: There is nothing I can do about cancer

There are a lot that can be done at individual, community and policy level. Enforcing national cancer plans, like in some countries cigarette smoking in public places is prohibited, but still people keep on smoking against those policies. Encouraging others to withdraw from cancer causing habits or behaviors like, smoking or tobacco use, alcohol use, etc, is also a role that can be played at individual level.

Cancer myth 4: I don’t have the right to cancer care

All the people have right to get scientifically proven and cost effective cancer care. But those who are living in third world have difficulties in access to advanced cancer diagnosis and care. In every year 275,000 women die from cervical cancer globally, among them 85% of women are from developing world.More than 70% of 160,000 children diagnosed for cancer each year worldwide are from developing countries and they lack to access proper cancer medicine and treatment.

So, basically poverty is the only road block to access to advanced cancer care. 


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